Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Final 20-Time Update

     Currently our 20-Time project has been going very well. We have prepared all of the recipes that we have been researching for the past month, and they all tasted great. Due to the success of our first time cooking, we plan on continuing to find new recipes and making them, and then hopefully we can go somewhere to serve it or if that doesn't work out then we will just donate it. 
     Overall, I thought 20-Time was a really good experience. It exposed us to how things will be in the future when we won't get a rubric and we will have to come up with everything on our own. I think since we are better prepared because of this project that we have a very good chance of succeeding. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Executing Our Goals

The research that I'm doing for my 20-Time project can really benefit others who share cooking as their passion with me. All of the recipes and tips that I have found out work really well with beginner chefs can all be found on my past blogs, versus someone trying to find everything on their own. I think someone would benefit from this because it was very hard for me and my partner to find all of the things that we needed to start. Since we have shared all of our information it could get somebody off to a very great start at becoming a chef. 
Recently my partner and I have cooked all of the recipes that we have researched. Some of those include a wake-up smoothie, taco dip, and spaghetti. It feels really great to execute our plan that we have been putting together for so long now. The final days of the semester we will be perfecting the art of the recipes that we have been cooking. We plan on making them as good as possible which might lead to us donating them to a shelter or handing them out to the homeless. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Exploring Professional Opportunities

Some professional opportunities that are available for me to pursue in cooking are a chef and restaurant owner. What I like about these carrers is that I will be able to pursue my passion. Also, that if I choose one of those careers, it will open many other doors in the field of cooking that I would be able to go into. Lastly, I would be able to open a restaurant work for myself if something ends up going wrong. 
What I don't like about the careers that I have found and researched is that most family owned restaurants don't make it for very long before they go out of business. Also, I don't like that you have to go to college to become a chef. I would like it much more if I were able to get a job at a specific restaurant and then learn the specific cooking style that they offer. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Learning A Valuable Lesson

A valuable lesson that I have learned through 20 Time so far was to do things on my own. Typically during all of the projects that I have completed, we were given materials and instructions and then a certain time block we have to get it done, but in 20 Time we were given an example and then told to begin. I've never done anything like that before, so I learned a lot of valuable lessons during that process. 
This lesson will help me through the completion of this project by giving me the independence that I've never been given before. Usually I'll have to run my ideas by a teacher, but now I get to do whatever I want and that helps me achieve full creativity. When I am going under a rubric, then that will limit my creativity. But during 20 Time I get to do whatever I want. 
This lesson will help me through high school and my life by teaching me to be my own person. Usually in school we don't get to be ourselves. We're always told what to do and how to do it that we never really get to express ourselves. This lesson will help me because I'll know that when I express myself, that I'll have better results for the most part. If this project had a rubric and rules you had to follow, then most of my fellow students, including myself, wouldn't have had most of the amazing ideas that we did. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Reflecting On Pitch Day

     For me, pitch day was a success. I think that it was very reassuring that many of the people that we spoke to supported our ideas. I'm excited to begin the final part of the project, which is going through and actually doing all of the stuff that we have spent so much time planning out. 
     I think that in the end all of our efforts are going to pay off. So in conclusion, pitch day was a big confidence booster in the sense that Ben and I got out ideas out there and so many of the people supported us and our efforts. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pitch Day Preperation

So far, we have completed everything up to our pitch day project. We have recently  put the finishing touches on our tri-fold display, and we are now just practicing for our pitch-day on Friday. This has helped us organize our ideas for the project by putting them on paper and then being able to weed through the good ones and the bad ones.
Something that I have learned about myself through the course of this project was that I like to have everything decided on before we start the project, versus other groups that have done the complete opposite and just making decisions as they go. My work ethic so far in this project has been strong. I have done everything that I needed to get done by the required due date. A problem that I have had to overcome was communicating with my partner about how we were going to do things, as the completion of the pitch day was all outside of school. Something that has been easy was deciding what recipes that we should prepare for our actual project.
Something that I have learned about the real world is that you might not always have people that will cooperate with you. An experience that we had was when we were trying to reach the Culinary Arts  teacher, but it wasn’t that simple in getting responses from her. This has enhanced our problem-solving skills by making us do things on our own. We knew we couldn’t just sit back and wait for a response, so we went up to see her ourselves.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Contacting The Authority

When I contacted my authority, which in my case was the culinary arts teacher, we conversed about good recipes for us beginners to be cooking for our project. She responded with a list of some basic recipes that my partner and I could cook for our project. We needed these recipes so we could have a base of what we know we would need to cook for our project. 
Some issues that I had during this process was getting ahold of the culinary arts teacher. I sent her many emails and even tried calling her. When she finally replied to one if my emails, she had sent me a list of recipes. Although I was hoping to talk to her face to face, this also worked, due to the fact that I still received the necessary information that was required to begin my project.
I learned from this part of the assignment the recipes that we need to cook. I didn't need to problem solve, other than compromise a face to face conversation, and just settling with communication through email.